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My directing career began at age eleven when I directed (and starred in) a fan film of The Hunger Games featuring my neighbors. Since then, I have directed and assistant directed regionally in North Carolina and virtually with The Vagrancy, a company based in Grand Rapids, Michigan and L.A., California. 

With my newfound experience with poetic analysis in the context of classical voice and art song, I am hoping to direct more plays with poetic texts. I am also particularly drawn to political theatre and texts that explore feminism from a philosophical lens. 

In addition to creating my own vision for productions, I also love bringing other directors' visions to life through assistant directing. I possess a keen ability to predict and translate a director's ideas into design presentations and actor coaching. I offer virtual/in-person director prep assistance, where I use conversations with a director to create vision boards, French scene breakdowns, dramaturgy research lists, character descriptions, audition cuts, and more (contact for work samples). 

Click on "Work Samples" for PDFs of my prep work for both my own projects and projects I've assisted on!

PC_ Bala Maji
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