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Into the Woods


Brief bio:

Soprano Micah Patt is a performer praised for her jubilant embrace of silliness. Vocally, she is at home with crossover repertoire where she can utilize her bell-like vocal timbre and comedy chops. Some of her favorite roles include Cinderella (Into the Woods), Rosalind (As You Like It) and #46 (The Wolves). Patt is also a vibrant ensemble member, contributing her energy to capturing the world of the story and supporting the collective. While performing in the ensemble of The Lost Colony, she went on for two principle tracks, one on opening night, and another mid-way through the season that she was not responsible for covering. 

In this section of my portfolio, you will find clips of my most recent projects including narrating composer Jaclyn Breeze's "Runny Babbit", performing as Fan in Ashlee Wasmund and Kristin Hedberg's woman-centered adaptation of "A Christmas Carol", and production photos/videos. 

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