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References & Evaluations

"Micah is a great vocal teacher because she reinforces a positive environment with nice comments that boost my confidence while also giving me very useful feedback. When something needs a bit of fixing she first tells me all of the good things about a piece I just did, and after she gently tells me what we should spend more time on!"

- Private Voice Studio (age 14)

“Micah is my voice teacher and she is FABULOUS. I have learned so many things about my voice that I wouldn’t have known if it weren’t for Micah. She is smart, kind, sweet and really funny.”

- Private Voice Studio (age 13)

"Ms. Patt makes me feel seen, heard, known, valued, and loved in a way that the school often fails to."

- HS Student (16)

"Micah is very patient and takes the time to make sure each student is feeling confident in what they are singing. She gives individual feedback and always gives tangible points to help us improve. She also always gives us positive feedback which is nice to hear as beginners."

-AMC 110 Voice for Beginners (undergraduate) 

"The class environment is very inclusive and she makes all of us feel comfortable which is really important when starting off singing in front of other people." 

-AMC 110 Voice for Beginners (undergraduate)

Waterloo High School
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